Her Cattleman Boss by Barbara Hannay

This book is a Harlequin Romance written a few years ago (2009). It was a quick read and kept me interested.

There were a few key factors that struck me about this book, resulting in its five star rating from me. First off, the book was not a typical romance. There were no in depth sex scenes. Call me a prude if you want, but I don’t need to live a sex life vicariously through fiction characters all the time. It’s what I expect from a Harlequin, but that’s not how this book is at all.

The book gave me a good vision of the Australian Outback. I don’t think I’ve ever read about the Outback. Heck, the only Outback I know about is the chain of steakhouses. Hannay is from Australia and gave what I assume to be an accurate image of what it’s like to live on large cattle ranch in the Outback. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an expert on cattle now, but I know a lot more than when I started.

Finally, I like how the main male character Noah, wasn’t a schmuck. Most of the time, the book is written in the woman’s point of view and the male is a deadbeat dad, a woman abuser, whatever. In Her Cattleman Boss, Noah was getting over a divorce, but he never lost sight of the fact he was a dad and he always put his daughter first. He was afraid of being hurt again, so he shied away from Kate (the heroine) for much of the book. I felt I had a lot of respect for Noah though, because his top priority was the safety and well-being of his little girl.

I enjoyed a lot about this book. I wish it was a little more detailed, but I understand the limitations of Harlequin novels. They’re meant to be short and they kind of need to be. I would like to read other novels by Hannay. I know she has some more about Australian cattlemen.


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