The Warrior Queen by Lavinia Collins

When Sarah asked me if I’d like to review this e-book, I was hesitant. I have never been interested in legends or medieval stories. I decided to try to open my views a little bit more and give it a try and I’m glad I did!

This book is the first of a trilogy following Guinevere. With a mix of romance and legend along with rich descriptions, I was sucked in by the end of the first chapter. I went through so many emotions as I read: frustration, physical and emotional pain, anger, elation, and even sexual desire. I woke up with Guinevere the first time in Camelot with the confusion of awaking in an unfamiliar place. I felt physical pain with her the many times she experienced that throughout the book (without giving anything away).

The only thing I would suggest is working on using less commas and breaking up the run on sentences. The descriptions of feelings, locations, and events are poignant. Please keep them! But all the commas make getting through some of the sentences tedious. That has nothing to do with the story which was absolutely fantastic! If Ms. Collins requests for someone from our group to review more of her books, I am your girl!


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