Wyoming Lawman by Victoria Bylin

Synopsis: (From Amazon)

“Matrimony? Never again for deputy sheriff Matt Wiley. The only good thing from his first marriage is his daughter. His little girl might want a mother, but Matt knows that no woman should have to deal with his guilty secret, or his anger at God. He’ll do his duty, serve the town of Cheyenne and keep his distance. Yet when courageous single mother Pearl Oliver comes to town, watching from the sidelines isn’t an option— especially when Pearl lands herself in danger. His heart, Pearl’s life and the safety of their town are all at risk. Only the love and faith he thought he’d left behind can help him win his way to happily ever after.”

If you don’t like romances with detailed, explicit sex scenes, you should try out the Steeple Hill Romance collection by Harlequin. They are released monthly like Harlequins, but they focus on the emotional aspects of love between people, not sexual. They also include some quotes from the Bible usually.

Wyoming Lawman is set in the 1860′s. Pearl Oliver comes to town with her father (retired pastor) and her baby son. She wants to escape the pain of Denver, Colorado. I don’t want to give too many details about the book. Just know that Pearl and the “Wyoming Lawman” Matt Wiley both have their share of pain and suffering. They help each other through and like all good romance stories, find they love each other.

This book kept me in suspense, not only with the love story, but everything going on in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I feel like Bylin researched this story well. I knew nothing about this area of the country during this time period. I assume the mob type group plaguing the town is based on some real event. I loved seeing relationships blossom between other characters in the story as well.If you like a good romance without all the smut, this book is one for you. The characters are real: we’ve all felt angry with God at sometime or another; sometimes the anger gets in the way and causes us to stop believing in Him. Many of us have denied our love to ourselves and others. Even though the book is set in the 1800′s, it may as well have taken place in modern times. I didn’t even feel like it was taking place in another era most of the time, aside from the women putting on petticoats and getting around on horseback.

Categorized as a historical romance, if you can get your hands on this book, read it! I know it’s from 2010, but it is still available on Amazon and you may be lucky to come across it at a thrift store or used book store.


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